Leave it to the Candy Corn Fraternal Twins to put things in perspective re holiday decor! They can be seen having a convo with the Peppermint People in image one of this entry. 

The corn twins are folks that you might recognize as they first appeared in one of TLLG’s prior posts here on tumblr, where I discussed using a cast of characters to add ambience to a succulent garden for the Halloween season.

AND then, because candy corn is consumed on a couple of different holidays, they re-appeared in one of my posts on HT re using a cast of characters to decorate an indoor succulent for Thanksgiving.

In any event the candy corn twins were a bit miffed that the Peppermint People (the candy of Christmas) showed up to my armoire (Image One) with the intent of visiting my succulent garden for the Christmas holidays when Thanksgiving had not even arrived! 

And the corn twins did not hesitate to reprimand the Peppermint People telling them not to rush our lives away. The corn twins chastised the Peppermint People, saying, “it’s bad enough that stores began playing Christmas music before Halloween, but one does not have to succumb to pressure in their home!” 

However, the Peppermint People were eager to get a start on the Christmas holidays, even though Advent hasn’t even arrived! Finally, the corn twins and the Peppermint People came to an understanding when the Peppermint People slowly agreed to turn their cute faces away until after Thanksgiving. 

The candy corn twins are wise to advocate for focusing on the moment at hand (Thanksgiving)  and I invite you, dear reader, to follow their example and hold off on decking your halls with boughs of holly till after Advent (a four week period beginning the Sunday after Thanksgiving).

BUT, if you cannot hold off to put up your Christmas decor, at least wait until after you have enjoyed honoring the blessings of Thanksgiving.