In ten days time, including today (November 19th 2013), Thanksgiving will  be here. Therefore a few guests have begun to arrive in my succulent garden and they can be seen here.

The one who calls herself Madam Falling Leaf can be seen in the first image; she is especially close to my heart since I call myself TLLG, an abbreviation for The Last Leaf Gardener, a name based on the O’Henry story, The Last Leaf.

However, her sudden visit startled Humpty Dumpty (a permanent resident in my indoor succulent garden) as you might surmise from the second picture companying this entry.

But her presence did not effect Mr. Moon-In-The-Man, who has always been calm about unexpected guests, as evidenced by how well he handled the number of visitors we had for Halloween. (You may refer to his experiences by clicking here and here, as well as here and here and here.)

As a matter of fact, Mr.  Moon-In-The-Man seemed truly to enjoy joking with Claudia and Lord Claude Crow as evidenced by the fourth picture in this entry.

Claudia may look familiar to some of you who follow TLLG on tumblr, for she has been featured on this venue more than once, including November 8th of 2013, where I featured her efforts to rally against the American idiom, Eat Crow.

Today Claudia was joined by her beau, Lord Claude Crow, who ultimately enjoyed an opportunity to flaunt his threads as seen in pictures six through nine.