As of today, the first full week of November 2013 is upon us, and, therefore, most of the Halloween characters who were here to visit my succulent garden are leaving for the year. Others are now arriving including Madam Claudia Crow (Madam C) and a lone hedge hog. Both are pictured here, and as you can see the hedge hog is listening intently to Madam C who is carrying a large spoon.

She is trying to explain to the hedge hog how badly she feels about her ‘breed’ being associated with the expression, "eat crow."

Madam C is an INTERNET buff and she quotes WIKI as she makes her point and states, "eating crow is an American colloquial idiom, meaning humiliation by admitting wrongness or having been proved wrong after taking a strong position."

She continues her rant by saying that WIKI has stated that "crow is presumably foul-tasting in the same way that being proved wrong might be emotionally hard to swallow." 

AND Madam C tells the hedge hog that she does not care for being accused of being fowl tasting!

The hedge hog, upon listening intently, speaks to Madam C in earnest saying that it’s a good thing folks think crows are foul tasting, as that might mean this bird species has a better chance of not being cooked for someone’s dinner, unlike other fowl.

BTW, both Madam C and the hedge hog have been to visit me in bygone years and if you’d like to read about one of their escapades, I’ve published a story on Blogger, which you may refer to by clicking here. The posting includes a very cool video about the intelligence of crows.

As far as the expression "eating crow"  goes, according to WIKI, "the exact origin of the idiom is unknown, but it probably began with an American story published around 1850 about a slow-witted New York farmer. Eating crow is of a family of idioms having to do with eating and being proved incorrect, such as to ‘eat dirt’ and to ‘eat your hat (or shoe)’, all probably originating from ‘to eat one’s words’, which first appears in print in 1571 in one of John Calvin’s tracts, on Psalm 62: ‘God eateth not his words when he hath once spoken.’"


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